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If you’re presently exploring for a study abroad curriculum, you’re expected to appreciate how hard it is to choose a right country for your international student experience. There are numerous options available and even easy to access. To know better opportunity as per your specific requirement and field of study, you will want to consider what you’re looking to gain before you choose a country.

First choose what you want to pursue and then the right country that offers you the best match to your choice. Then visit us for counseling and expert advice for proper documentation for application to universities and applying for Visa.

It depends on the program you choose to study in particular country or institute. It could range from 1 year up to 4 years.

If you are applying for Undergraduate program then right after completion of 12th or while pursuing 12th grade. In certain circumstances you can also apply even if you have taken a gap year & if you are choosing post graduate or Master’s Degree then you can apply in final year or after completion of your Bachelor’s Degree.

You should meet the basic requirement which has been set by the institute, College or University you choose to go. You should meet the English requirement (eg. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.). You should meet the financial requirement to undertake the program (it may vary from country to country).

Yes in most countries like : USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc. Some countries in European Union & Asia you may not require to take English Language Tests but you will have to be from an English Medium School in India.

First, you need to choose the program you want to study, need to take English Language Test if require and then apply through us to prospective Colleges/ Universities. Who will then review your academic documents and issue you a provisional acceptance letter.

It depends on the country you are choosing to study in.

Yes, we provide a complete pre-departure training and all relevant information which students require before they leave their home country. After arrival to your destination we also support you to get a right accommodation.

Yes, there are options like student loans with easy EMI’s available at attractive rate of interest.

Some programs may require a separate medical clearance form due to program specification and requirements. Police clearance may not required but again it depends on country to country Rules & Regulations.

You can still apply for the same category but you may need to check the country which you have been rejected and which country you will be applying next time.

Yes, it is compulsory to get a medical insurance and travel insurance before your departure.


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