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About Mauritius

Mauritius is an island country with sandy beaches and clear waters. This small country is about 1.5 times the size of Delhi. Whether you are into nature, history, adventure, food, travelling with friends, or looking to plan your honeymoon, the island is a perfect place to plan your trip and to study a course..

Mauritius has consistently been a “hub” for tertiary education, attracting top-tier students and high-quality international academic institutions from all over the world. Education is a top priority of the government in Mauritius, and the island ranks first in UNESCO’s list of African countries for tertiary education enrolment. Mauritius is the first choice to play host to the global, world-class and affordable higher education for the continent..

Give Yourself A Raise

Stephen Business School in Mauritius offers a two-year Advanced Diploma Program in Business Administration. This program consists of three majors including Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. This is an advanced Diploma program with great benefits. You can be directly admitted after 12th and there is no need of IELTS.

Moreover, the visa process is very easy and fast and Indian Citizens get it quickly. Also, the tuition fee is affordable and much lower compared to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. This program has a pathway into third year in select Universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland. Don’t worry if you have a gap year, you can easily get admission here.

Mauritius is very beautiful and a safe place to study. Stephen Business School is a renowned Business School in Mauritius. It has received many awards and recognitions from the Mauritian Government and has many programs affiliated with other private agencies in Mauritius, Australia, Japan and India. The admissions are open four times in a year: January, March, June, and September.

Reason to Study In Mauritius

  • Established and high-quality standards and education system

    Mauritius provides a higher education system of international standards that is closely monitored by the Tertiary Education Commission with the vision to turn Mauritius into a Centre of Excellence for Higher Education. The Mauritian Qualifications Authority under the Ministry of Higher Education is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the quality assurance accreditation practices and of national higher education.

  • This program has a pathway into third year in select reputed Universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland (list attached).

  • Get foreign degree qualifications at a much lower cost

    A key part of Mauritius’ state investment in higher education is growing conglomeration with universities in other countries. In Mauritius, local and international students obtain foreign degree qualifications from universities in UK, Australia, France, and Malaysia through local institutions.

  • Quality of life

    Mauritius is an industrialised country that has outpaced most of its developing counterparts. The infrastructure in Mauritius is the most developed in the African/Indian Region with state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class university campus, advanced telecommunications infrastructure and facilities.

  • Comparatively low expense of study and living in Mauritius

    The expense of living and studying in Mauritius is significantly lower compared to countries such as Australia, US, and UK as the Mauritian currency conversion is beneficial. The comparison of living and studying cost in Mauritius suggest an expenditure of 3 to 5 times lower than other countries.

  • Easy and straight forward immigration process

    International students get benefit from trouble-free and easy immigration process as compared to other countries with tighter student immigration process.

  • Comfortable and safe living in Mauritius

    Mauritius is one of the safest and most stable countries in the world with a low crime rate. The country is free from natural disasters, making it an attractive country to live in. The weather in Mauritius is sunny throughout the year without extreme cold or hot. Foreigners find it easy to adapt to the Mauritian climate. High standard health care services are offered in health centres and public hospitals across the island at low cost, and there are various private clinics of international quality.

  • Cosmopolitan nation with vast variety of cultures

    Mauritius’ comfortable society seems to blend effortlessly with African, Asian, and European societies. Mauritius peacefully coexists with many races, cultures, and traditions. In fact, it is a heaven for international and local cuisine lovers. International students get to experience this rare multi-faceted society.

  • Need for skilled graduates

    With several key industries emerging within a growing economy, Mauritius requires skilled workers in large numbers. The service industry constitutes an important component of the country’s GDP. There is also an increasing demand for graduates in accounting, management, computer science, education, and the hospitality sectors.

  • Multi-language country allowing for ease of communication

    A population bilingual in French and English has made Mauritius a very attractive destination for international students who are eager to improve their language skills. The diversity of the Mauritian society also put in place the use of many other languages such as Cantonese, Hindi, Mandarin, Tamil, and the local languages.

  • Great travel destination

    With sandy beaches and clear water, Mauritius is a beautiful, friendly, and culturally rich country. Whether you are into history, adventure, food, or nature, the island will not disappoint you. No wonder so many international students choose to study their bachelor or master’s degrees in Mauritius. Mauritius has a lot to offer in leisure activities throughout the year.

University Pathway for Stephen Business School Graduates

University Country Programmes Entry Year
University College of Birmingham England All 3 3
Auckland Institute of Studies New Zealand All 3 3
Queen Margaret University Scotland All 3 3
Open Polytechnic New Zealand New Zealand All 3 3
Abertay University Scotland All 3 3
Royal Road University Canada All 3 3
University of Plymouth England All 3 3
University of Chichester England All 3 3
University of Dundee England All 3 3
University of Dundee Scotland All 3 3
Pacific Lutheran University USA All 3 3
Northumbria University England All 3 3
Oxford Brookes University England Business with Accounting 3
Griffith University Australia All 3 3
Leeds Beckett University England All 3 3
Swinburn University of Technology Australia All 3 3
Central Queensland University Australia Business with Accounting 3
Heriott Watt University Scotland Business with HRM 3
University of Hull England All 3 3
University of Gloucestershire England All 3 3
Liverpool Hope University England Business with Marketing 3
Edinburgh Napier University Scotland All 3 3
University of Salford England Business with Accounting 3
Ulster University Northern Ireland Business with Accounting 3
Southern Cross University Australia All 3 3
Cambridge Education Group England Business with Accounting 3
University of Wales Trinity Wales All 3 3

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